It’s summer in the art world, which means the annual ritual of group exhibitions taking over galleries is well underway. Like art itself, such shows come in all different flavors from the simple round-up of a gallery’s stable of artists to thematic affairs organized by outside curators. Very often, group exhibits are used as an opportunity to try out emerging talent and new artists (sort of like minor-league baseball), but just as often they include established names and art-historical heavyweights. Whatever the case, there’s always lots to see, and to help you navigate the myriad choices out there, here’s a chronological list of our top picks.

While the art world has become global in reach during the past several decades, contemporary artists from Africa are still vastly underrepresented at art fairs, galleries and museum in the West, despite the creative energy and innovation of artists who either make their home on the continent, or who work as part of the worldwide African diaspora. This exhibition, curated by art historian Ugochukwu-Smooth C. Nzewi aims to remedy that relative lack of exposure with his lineup of 12 names working in all mediums, who aren’t well-known outside of their respective communities. Look out for Beatrice Wanjiku’s Expressionistic figurative paintings, Chika Modum’s sculptural installations made of hair and Halida Boughriet’s photographic portraits, to name just a few.


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