By: Olivia Pasquarelli

August 3, 2017


Artist Maria Qamar, better known as Hatecopy to her over 100,000 followers on Instagram, began attracting attention in 2015 when she shared her Lichtenstein-inspired drawing of a woman crying over burnt rotis on social media. Since then, her art has been admired at home and internationally, landing her on the cover of Elle Canada and getting a personal shout-out from comedian Mindy Kaling.

Now, Qamar is the author and illustrator of Trust No Aunty, a comic book filled with anecdotes and advice exploring what it’s like to grow up a South Asian girl (Desi) in North America under the eye of watchful female elders. In her own words, Qamar explains how her expertly illustrated collection of stories, recipes and advice came together.


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