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Alexander PonomarevMARCH 27 - APRIL 5, 2017

Antarctic Biennale

The Antarctic Biennale is conceived by the artist Alexander Ponomarev as a cultural exchange with the continent’s scientists and support staff. This independently funded project – bringing artists, architects and other thinkers down South – will confront the resident elect with visions of Antarctic enterprise that they may not recognize, and attempt to draw out the implications of the Antarctic experience that go undocumented. Through exhibitions, performance and dialogue, the project will pursue an expanded Antarctic imaginary.

The Antarctic Biennale will be held in Antarctica in 2017 aboard international research vessels. Read more about it here.

In Situ

Featured Artist

Alexander Ponomarev (b. 1957) is a Russian artist who lives and works in Moscow. A nautical engineer and a practiced submariner, Ponomarev uses experiences obtained from his travels to the depths of oceans and across arctic terrains as a lens through...

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