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Wang DuJuly 16 - October 9, 2016

Wang Du: ‘No Comment’

This exhibition of Wang Du’s work is by the Baronian Gallery of Brussels. Wang Du’s work is a clear criticism of the dominance of mass media, both as a main force of social and economic manipulation and political mobilization. The work begins his criticism by pointing out the most pragmatic aspect of the mass media mechanism. Wang Du’s work can be overtly critical but it’s fun and visually refreshing. Amid this tension between criticism and amusement, you can feel a clear distrust of the artificial relationships between an image and what it’s purported to mean, since the relationships have been spread by the media in order to secure its dominance. The distrust reveals an openly provocative and edgy positioning that surely does not rick being branded as politically correct.

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Wang Du (b. 1956), an artist born in Hubei province, China and having lived under Mao Zedong’s leadership, creates works that reflect upon an era of tightly controlled media, which persists in current times and in different forms around the...

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