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Jorge MayetJune 23 - August 28, 2016

Broken Landscape

Richard Taittinger Gallery is honored to present Broken Landscape, the first major solo exhibition of Cuban artist, Jorge Mayet, in the United States. As an exile living in Mallorca, Spain, Mayet’s work distinctly reflects upon his origins and the disparate identities that define his homeland’s history.

An exhibition featuring a collection of Mayet’s sculptures, Broken Landscape, presents an anthology of remnants and collective memories; an interlacing of fleeting moments belonging to the artist and to the Cuban diaspora. As one of the most prominent Cuban contemporary artists, Mayet’s ability to invoke the consciousness and dysphoria of a people separated from their homeland renders these works both visually and emotionally powerful. His introspection is palpable.

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Jorge Mayet’s sculptures and installations draw from his experiences living as a Cuban exile in Spain. Suspended in midair, his photorealistic floating landscapes and uprooted trees offer ethereal, dream-like visions of his homeland. The exposed roots of the trees serve...

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