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experimental BERLIN

To celebrate the start of the new season in New York, Richard Taittinger Gallery, is thrilled to present an installation of the radiant Berlin art scene. The group exhibition, Experimental Berlin, explores the varying applications of painterly materials and forms– analysis of industrial techniques and social appropriations by some of the city’s best artists. The exhibition’s participants include Claudia Chaseling, Gregor Hildebrandt, Renaud Regnery, Henning Strassburger, and Nathan Peter.

The expressive and abstract painters in the show are influencing their contemporaries throughout Berlin and the world. As a window into the playfulness of this unique Berlin aesthetic, this exhibition examines the diverse practices of the city’s second generation of artists. The selection of works combine intuitive and reflexive thoughts revealing an international panorama that continues to grow within the city.

There are elements of both intense spontaneity and precision presented in the paintings of this exhibition. The artists are aptly aware of the materiality of the art products they use to construct their works.


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