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Jacky TsaiJune 25 - July 23, 2022

Order in Chaos

Richard Taittinger Gallery is pleased to announce the U.S. representation of the London-based Chinese artist, Jacky Tsai (b. 1984) and present his first New York solo exhibition Orders in Chaos. The exhibition features fifteen works from the artist’s ten years of exploration of pop art, including new works that reflect his personal and cultural memories while also highlighting the global pandemic. Born in Shanghai and later moved to London, Jacky Tsai has centered his artistic practice on an unremitting introspection of the distinctions and affinities between the Eastern and Western cultures. In his works, a western pop art aesthetic exquisitely blends with eastern artistry and Chinese mythology. Tsai often employs a graphic, comic style and imbues a satirical twist to examine present societal issues such as the pandemic.

Alongside Orders in Chaos, Jacky Tsai will be presented in major museum shows in China this year, including solo exhibitions at the Shenzhen Museum of Contemporary Art and Urban Planning in August, and Fosun Foundation Chengdu in November 2022.

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Jacky Tsai

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