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Truth Tellers - Omar Ba, Cheri Samba, Ebony G. Patterson, Ouattara Watts

To celebrate our fourth anniversary, RICHARD TAITTINGER GALLERY presents the provocative new exhibition Truth Tellers, featuring works by Omar Ba (1977), Ebony G. Patterson (1981), Cheri Samba (1956), and Ouattara Watts (1957). This group show calls back to one of our first exhibitions, Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner? curated by Ugochukwu-Smooth C. Nzewi. Truth Tellers features work by four significant artists whose work offers a narrative influenced both by the nations of their birth, as well as by the new countries in which they have made lives.

The title Truth Tellers comes from a quote by Samba who notes, “when I paint, my main concerns are to represent things as they are, to communicate with humor, to ask relevant questions and to tell the truth.” Each of the works in this show presents a story, a narrative of an Other who confronts the viewer and challenges their notion of truth.

This exhibition has been conceived of as a dialogue between the artists and between the works themselves. Watts suggests, “my vision is not bound to a country or a continent; it extends beyond borders and all that can be found on a map.” The show is presented for an American audience whose relationship to the to the narratives and ideas presented is inevitably different than those of individuals living elsewhere in the world. Ba notes, “My work is not limited to a single point of view. However, I sometimes get the impression that critics also find it convenient to put me in a certain category, to classify me.” These artists offer truths that re-examine and contravene inaccurate and harmful versions of narratives and histories that continue to exercise influence in contemporary culture. Truth Tellers reasserts Richard Taittinger Gallery’s commitment to providing an artistic window to the world. These striking and beautiful works of art tell, often difficult, truths through an engaging and pleasing aesthetic experience.

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