Exhibits at the Richard Taittinger Gallery are constantly updated with fresh new showings on a regular basis. This gives more artists the opportunity to have their work displayed for the public to enjoy and appreciate. It also provides art lovers and novices alike, increased exposure to the works of an ever-changing variety of artists.

The length of each exhibit varies, but most last approximately one month. For example, the next showing begins on January 16th and lasts until February 20th. The name of this exhibit is, Ballet Mecanique, and will feature an opening reception on January 15th from 6:00 to 8:00 pm. The exhibit takes its name from the famous 1942 Dadaist post-Cubist art film which influenced many of the pieces in the gallery. It is basically how man dances to a machine-like rhythm to obtain maximum efficiency while examining the dangers of creating a society controlled by automation.


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