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Haluk AkakceMay 16 - June 21, 2015

Come Midnight

Richard Taittinger Gallery presents Come Midnight, a solo exhibition of new work by Turkish artist Haluk Akakçe. In his first US presentation in nearly a decade, Akakçe uses the notion of transformation as a key to investigate the delicate balance between the earth and spirit world. The visionary exhibition showcases all new works: video, paintings, and drawings. Keeping in the theme of the exhibition, the opening reception will take place on the morning of May 16, from midnight to 8am. Entitled after the “zero hour” of transition between one day and the next, Come Midnight embraces the fleeting, intangible, ephemeral aspects of life and aligns these with the physical world.

Come Midnight will remain on view through June 21.

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Haluk Akakçe (1970 – 2023) is a Turkish multimedia artist who explores the role of technology in manipulating human perceptions in the current age. His work thus far includes abstract paintings, animated video projections, and electronic installations, which inquire into...

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