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Mike PerrySeptember 23 - October 24, 2021

Impetuous Meetings with Myself: Dancing with Ducklegăngers

RICHARD TAITTINGER GALLERY is thrilled to present Impetuous Meetings with Myself: Dancing with Ducklegănger, the second solo New York exhibition by the Brooklyn-based artist Mike Perry. This exhibition takes an exuberant jab at the mischievous playground of offbeat magnetism. Pulling the viewer in with a signature color that leaps from the canvas, this breakout from the mundane ransacks the senses with soft angles and brandished hues – the experience here is nothing but fun in its purest form. Much like his inaugural exhibition at Richard Taittinger Gallery in 2020, Still Now is Here: Woolgather Together, Perry seeks to expand upon the themes of self-exploration with eyes wide and arms triumphantly open. Optimistic in his strokes, omnipresent in his story, and original in his inspiration; he leaves us with the task of dissecting the disposition of the rambunctious youthful joy still flirting with our hearts. Impetuous Meetings with Myself: Dancing with Ducklegănger, at its core, asks us to search out and reconnect with our inner giddy spirit animal. And one never knows, that pirouetting psychic guide may just be a duck.

In this new body of work, we see Perry’s playfulness and positivity on full display, which is a breath of fresh air considering that this series was born out of the communal isolation of our current time. We see his hypercolored world and duck musings in works such as A Congregational Ornamental Dousing, A House of Droppings, and Playing Drakes: Swansongs with Prognathouse Lips. Additionally, we see Perry’s psychedelic nature in works such as Millennial Migration, Never Not Awakening, A Sublime Objection to the In-Between, and four new limited edition prints Citizens of a Lost Gaggle: Consequential, Canvasback, Cicerone, and Chromosome.

Impetuous Meetings with Myself: Dancing with Ducklegăngers opens September 23rd and runs through October 24th at Richard Taittinger Gallery, 154 Ludlow Street, New York, NY 10002.

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