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Maria Qamar


Richard Taittinger Gallery is thrilled to announce our inaugural online exhibition
ME MERASELF AND I – a solo exhibition of new works by Maria Qamar.

The exhibition will be on view from July 9th to our online viewing room.

10% of all sales proceeds will support the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) for racial justice.

Me Meraself and I was initially developed out of the ennui and despondency of COVID isolation. The works thematically express the depression and loneliness of extended solitude. Qamar engages with ways in which we turned to social media and technology to reach out and to cope. Works such as Naach and Then You Broke Up with Me on Zoom speak to space digital apps have been occupying in our lives. Theek Thaak, a play on Tik Tok, points to the limited capacity of digital apps. Often the things we use to feel better can become a crutch and leave us feeling more alone. By sharing her experiences of this tumultuous year, Qamar offers us both reprieve and encouragement. Her experiences are hers, but by expressing them through her work she offers both humor and justified outrage, allowing this body of work to stand as both commentary and archive in the wake of the first half of 2020.

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Maria Qamar is a first-generation Canadian from a traditional South Asian family; her mother is Indian, her father Bangladeshi. She moved to Canada at the age of nine in 2001 and was forced to endure bullying and racism as a young...

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