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Nassos DaphnisSeptember 17 - October 24, 2015

Pixel Fields

Richard Taittinger Gallery is pleased to present Pixel Fields, a solo exhibition of unseen works by Greek-American artist Nassos Daphnis (1914–2010). The exhibition features twenty-one paintings from 1987–1992, which reveal Daphnis as a precursor to today’s New Media artists. Expanding on his signature abstract geometric style, works from this period demonstrate the expansion of his color-plane theory beyond the use of primary colors and simplified planes.

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The Greek-born American artist Nassos Daphnis (1914-2010) was a major figure in the 20th Century art world and is recognized for his mastery of geometric abstraction and his evolution into what became known as Hard-Edge Painting. Daphnis was actively supported by the...

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Installation Views

Time Out New York: Nassos Daphnis

A Greek-American artist who showed with the iconic Leo Castello Gallery for nearly 40 years, Nassos Daphnis was best known for hard-edged canvases, painted in black, white, and primary colors. In 1985, at age 71, he started using digital graphics…

Elephant: Nassos Daphnis: Pixel Fields at Richard Taittinger Gallery

We have a pretty good idea of the ‘Post-Internet’ aesthetic by now, quick recognise the smoothed-out depiction of a reality that is ever so slightly ‘other’ — perhaps the colours pop a little too much or the movement is still…

Wallpaper*: Future Proof: Richard Taittinger Shows the Prescient Work of Nassos Daphnis

While the late 20th century artist Nassos Daphnis was celebrated in his day – by no less than the stellar dealer Leo Castelli, who feted him with a stunning 17 solo shows – his oeuvre has fallen into the shadows, so to…

Observer: 10 Things to Do in New York’s Art World Before September 18

Opening: “Nassos Daphnis: Pixel Fields” at Richard Taittinger Gallery A Greek-American artist who showed with the celebrated Leo Castelli Gallery for 30 years, Nassos Daphnis was known for his hard-edged abstractions. In the late-1980s he started using computer generated graphics…

Neoillusion: Nassos Daphnis Estate to be Represented by Richard Taittinger Gallery

Artnews broke the story of Richard Taittinger taking on the representation of Greek-American painter Nassos Daphnis on August 7th, but the story runs much deeper than the news shares. Speaking to Richard in the office of his six month old…

Artnet: Nassos Daphnis’ Vibrant Digital Landscapes Dazzle at Richard Taittinger

With the fall season just around the corner there’s a serious list of not-to-miss exhibitions. One is by the late painter Nassos Daphnis, who has a compelling solo show with Richard Taittinger Gallery in New York’s Lower East Side. Daphnis,…

Announcing the representation of Nassos Daphnis

Richard Taittinger Gallery is pleased to announce the exclusive representation of the Estate of Nassos Daphnis (1914–2010). Daphnis was a Greek-born American painter and sculptor recognized for his mastery of geometric abstraction and his evolution into what became known as…

ArtNews: Richard Taittinger Gallery Now Reps Nassos Daphnis Estate, Plans Show

The Lower East Side’s Richard Taittinger Gallery announced that it now exclusively represents the estate of Nassos Daphnis (1914–2010). The late Greek-American painter and sculptor, whose work in color theory and geometric abstraction placed him in the hard-edge school, was…