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March 1-April 26, 2018


Richard Taittinger Gallery is delighted to present at the Gallery and The Armory Show, a unique vision of the monochrome through a selection of paintings from the last 60 years in the exhibition UNTITLED (MONOCHROME), 1957-2017 to celebrate the third anniversary of the Gallery.

The group exhibition in both spaces curated by Gregory Lang explores different artistic experiments and aesthetic research of monochrome paintings by both famous and lesser known American and International artists. 

For these exhibitions we are interested in non-objective art from before 1960 until today. The most important monochromatic, richly nuanced paintings that are primarily made of one color, including works by Ellsworth Kelly who, as one of the most radically abstract painters, will be central in the display together with other American artists like Nassos Daphnis, Marcia Hafif, Joseph Marioni, Allan McCollum, Steven Parrino, Stephen Prina.

Their works will be in dialogue with European masters such as Bernard Aubertin, Enrico Castellani, Yves Klein, Walter Leblanc, Piero Manzoni, Guy Mees, Olivier Mosset, Aurélie Nemours, Turi Simeti, Kees Visser, and Marthe Wéry.

The exhibition will also confront the research and works by other international artists such as Alan Charlton, Henry Codax, Claudia Comte, Edith Dekyndt, Will Kerr, Lab-au, Teresa Margolles, Navid Nuur, Fabrice Samyn, Peter Scott, and Morgane Tschiember among others.

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