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Charlotte AbramowNovember 12, 2021 to January 30, 2022


RICHARD TAITTINGER GALLERY is thrilled to present Started From The Body, the inaugural solo New York exhibition by Belgian photographer Charlotte Abramow. This exhibition is based on the representations of all women through an inclusive and mindful gaze. We asked Charlotte to share her insights and thoughts on her first solo exhibition at Richard Taittinger Gallery:

 “The body, that’s what started it all. The body you see in magazines and the one you look at in the mirror.

These representations where you don’t necessarily recognize yourself, even when thin, white, young, and able-bodied. What a shame! Yet, what we always see and feel is the posturing of desire—an image replete with seduction, validation, or certain type of one unique beauty standard. These are things I have felt ever since I was young: the sensation of performance of femininity. Something rather unnatural. A female body is always under the pressure of observation, objectification, sexualization, and judgment.

I would like to desexualize the so-called female body and show it with a different perspective than an eye of desire, a tool to please the other. I wish to show the honesty, the fragility, the solitude, the humor, and even the reveries of young women. With my experience as a growing young woman, I wish to show the gaze upon the evolving body. To make fun of these hypersexualized attributes and instead show curiosity, absurdity, and kindness; a playfulness with our body!

To laugh with it and not at it. Perceive our body as a painting, a landscape, or a wrapping, a manifestation brought to life. Bulges become clouds; stretch marks become the branches of a rivers’ delta.”

– Charlotte Abramow

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 @charlotteabramow Charlotte Abramow is a Belgian photographer and filmmaker whose work combines seriousness and absurdity. She began taking pictures of her friends at the age of 7, and became passionate about image-making at the age of 13. By 16, she was...

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