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Morgane Tschiember


Morgane Tschiember has directed her work from two to three-dimensional pieces, in order to explore the transitions between dimensions, and how they relate to each other. Thus her sculptures are sometimes colorful, in order to make the color a pure original material to be shaped, and therefore open a connection between painting and sculpture.

Sculpting can also be a way to investigate the relationship between the objects and the places, always trying to have a result that both are revealed and emphasized so the spectator gets a more complete aesthetic experience.

She considers herself “classic” in the sense that she works on fundamental elements such as form, color, and material… that are universals and run through all of art history. But she also explores, in a very personal and innovative way the new possibilities of painting and making sculptures, revealing her interest in how the meaning “shifts” (not only in how one considers what one is looking at, but because reality can not reside in one single interpretation).